♡ Hey Rebels! ♡

We’re open again for guests! Due to the measures we had to take, things will be a little bit different. Here’s what changed:

  • Our capacity changed to 12 beds. This means a max. of 3 people in our 10-bed dorms. (If you’re a bigger group and you are family or housemates, contact us!)
  • Our guest kitchen is off limits for guests unfortunately. But we do have a menu now, so you won't starve.
  • Our breakfast buffet has changed to individual breakfast boxes, to be picked up at our bar.
  • We will need to inquire about your health upon arrival and if you’re feeling unwell, please cancel your booking. If we have any doubts about your health, we have to right to refuse your stay.
  • Also, we will now be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

With these new measures we will be able to guarantee social distancing (1,5m) within our small hostel. Of course we hope that you will fully cooperate with us.

You can still book a beach session by the way and enjoy drinks and food from our bar!



Rooms & Prices

Our Hostel

Rebel Rebel Hostel Groningenis the city’s first container hostel! Built upon principles of upcycling and sustainability, Rebel Rebel rests on the grounds of a now-defunct sugar factory, providing an industrial ambiance and tranquility just outside the city centre.

Rebel Rebel Hostel Groningen was created to be a home away from home where travelers from near and far can meet, eat, drink, sleep, and enjoy weekly events. Pluck fresh herbs from our garden and cook up something mean in the kitchen. Sunbathe and swim at the canalside beach. Grab a local beer from the bar and swap stories with fellow Rebels in the courtyard. Hang out in the communal living room and play board games or Playstation 2 (hello again GTA Vice City). Complimentary breakfast is served every morning so you can ponder life’s more important morning questions.
About the area: Walk or bike along a canal away from the city centre, cross over on a small pedestrian bridge, and you are in a neighbourhood-sized chunk of Groningen that used to all be part of a sugar factory. It’s currently a development site with many new projects, events, and festivals on the way. Paradigm and EM2 are celebrated nightclubs that attract partygoers from all over the Netherlands and beyond, and are just a stone’s throw away from your Rebel bed. ‘Wolkenfabriek’ (‘Clouds Factory’) is a fantastic spot to grab a bite. Rebel bicycles are available for rent, and we can point you in the right direction of all the other excitement Groningen has to offer.

Mixed Dorms

Space & Jungle themed!

There are 2 large mixed dorms with 10 beds.

  • Feel like a space trip? Book a bed in Space Odyssey.
  • More into plants and greens? Get yourself booked into the special Jungle dorm.
  • Our newest containers is called "The Bam"
  • price includes taxes, breakfast and linen!

Space Odyssey/ Jungle

From €22,- per bed per night

Family Room

Rock 'n Roll themed!

We have turned our BAM dorm room into a family room! There’s space for 6 people (2 single beds and 2 bunk beds). There’s a small fridge and table in the room, to enjoy your breakfast in the room. The bathroom is still shared with the other guests

  • Our newest container is called "The Bam"
  • It has room for 6 people
  • price includes taxes, breakfast and linen!

The Bam our Family Room

From €90,- per room per night

Girls-only dorm

Girls-only (no guys – sorry!)

  • We build a special (and pink!) Girl room
  • A good value option for girls on a budget, helping you save money and giving you the opportunity to meet fellow travellers, without being surrounded by snoring boys
  • Off course it can be booked for groups too - just send us an email

From €22,- per bed per night

Queen Kitsch

Our 2 pers. private room

  • Want a bit more privacy?
  • Our kitsch themed room, with a 2 pers. bed is right for you!
  • designed especially by visual artist Dianne van der Heide
  • price includes taxes, breakfast and linen!

From €65,- per night

Camper Spots

Are you driving around in your own little campervan? You can park it here! 

You can use our facilities, reserve a spot at our beach, rent a canoe or a bike and enjoy our bonfire nights! Or just grab a drink at our bar. 

  • we provide electricity
  • with beachview!
  • price includes taxes

From €10,- per night

Waterloo Sunset

The Rebel dorms are detached containers. The same applies for Waterloo Sunset, our container which houses the sanitary facilities. SO, since you have to leave your dorm/room to get to the showers or toilets, we advise bringing something like slippers and a bathrobe (if you don’t have seasoned hippie feet). Rebel Rebel Hostel Groningen is sustainable. This means the toilets in Waterloo Sunset are flushed with the water we’ve collected from the showers. Bring your scented shower gel and don’t pee in the shower!


Kitchen & Livingroom

The most cozy spot in the hostel is the living room with the guest kitchen. Breakfast is served here and you can make yourself at home, cook your own meal or play a board game.

Ecofriendly Bathroom

With our water saving showerheads, hot water heated by our pellet stove, and toilets flushed with collected shower water, we happily regard ourselves as a sustainable hostel.

Bike Rent

From our hostel it's only a ten minute bike ride to the city centre. And because Groningen is "The World's Cycling City", of course we can't send you off by foot. Rent a rebel bike for €5,00 a day.


In our little bar you can order local beer, handcrafted cocktails, coffee, and cake. You're more than welcome here even if you don't spend the night.

Charging Couch

The charging couch is our dangerously nice sitting loungeseat, with sockets for charging your phone or laptop.

Free Wi-Fi

Of course you can stay connected with the rest of the world. But if you just want to use our hostel as your new #flexplek to study, you're also very welcome.

Sheets & Towels

We made your bed so there's no need for lugging sleeping bags. Towels are for rent (€2,-)

Free Breakfast

Breakfast is included!


We've built some lockers for everyone in every room. You'll get a free lock with your key (€20,- deposit).

Terrace & Beach

Welcome you our city beach! Guest, inhabitant of Groningen, or visitor, you’re all most welcome to come chill out in the our hammocks and beach chairs, and enjoy a drink from the bar.

Mini Shop

In case you forget something we offer toiletries in our mini shop. Also, free maps of Groningen!


There's a lot going on at the former Sugar factory, check our events for a detailed agenda. Of course we also have board games and PS2.

Groener Groningen