You’ll find the hostel at a 15 minutes’ bike ride from the city centre and it’s also easy to get to from the Central Station by bus.

address: Suikerlaan 21, 9743 DA Groningen, the netherlands

- from the airport

- take bus 9 to the central station and then:

- from the central station

Bus 8 (twice per hour, at :19 and :49 in the direction of P+R Hoogkerk) or 39 (every hour at :54 in the direction of Oldehove) from Central Station in the direction of P+R Hoogkerk. Get off at the ‘Atoomweg’ stop.
Walk past the petrol station towards the water, passing by the Car Wash, Marktplaatshelper and Snip Wonen until you get to a fence with a gate. If, by any chance, the gate is closed, phone us.
If it’s open, cross the bridge and you’ll see us near the old factory chimney.
⊚ follow the lights ! ⊚

-by bike:

Sat Nav: Suikerlaan 21, 9743 DA Groningen. Once you get to the gate, cross the bridge and cycle towards the old factory chimney and just follow the signs.
⊚ follow the lights ! ⊚
Gate closed? Give us a call.

-by car:

coördinates: 53°12'39.4"N 6°32'37.0"E
Sat Nav: Take the Ring West Road (Laan 1940-1945). From the ring road, take the Hoendiep exit. When you get to the southern roundabout you can enter the factory site.
Is the gate closed? Give us a call ( +316 8369 5965 ).